Exhibition Booth designing & Fabrication

We are specializing in the field of Exhibition Stall Designing and Fabrication. As we know the Exhibitions are a platform for the optimum use of creativity and presentation to grab the best potential clients. Our exhibition stall designs speaks about you and your company before you verbally speak. An exhibition gives you an opportunity to showcase your products and grab the attention of a potential client. Meanwhile, you just have an average time period of 10 seconds to pull the person to your exhibition stall. It is the human tendency that it follows anything or object that is pleasing to their eyes. The designer exhibition stall is the mirror reflection of your company and your product. We have individually selected the best team for each division. This consistently results in a stress-free and commercially successful project. A growing client list across a range of industry sectors worldwide is testimony to our abilities. With over a decade of rich experience, unparalleled talent, passion and dedication to the industry, the experienced team at Designer services to suit our client’s needs.

Our Services

Designer Exhibition Booth
Customised designer Booth
Portable Stand
Stand Alone Units
3D hologram display
Graphic Designing
Social Media Marketing
Corporate Events
Corporate Video & Photoshoot

Strategies & Key Initiatives

I can understand that our clients are experts in their respective industries


We perform an in-depth analysis of the case, identify its key features, determine all its aspects and then plan a promising strategy.


Our brand marketing services are not based on a single strategy. We study every case individually and custom-craft strategy around it.


We pay attention to every bit of what we do. We also ensure managing project timelines, and that helps us stand out from the rest.


We are a result-oriented company that thrives on positive results. To be able to achieve that, we research about the company, target market, competition, etc.